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Tips for Sellers

5 steps for a smooth and successful sale

Selling a home is both a rational and an emotional exercise. The financial transaction is certainly important. But so are the memories that we leave behind and the adventures that we have ahead of us. At Pacific Pro Realty, we're proud to help so many Oregon Coast families take their next step into the future.

Find a broker you like and trust

By the time you decide to sell your home, you have some pretty good ideas about your goals. You know how fast you want to sell it, and how much you hope to get for it.

The easiest and most effective way to get the best possible outcome is to work closely with a knowledgeable broker that you like and trust — like your neighbors at Pacific Pro Realty. Together, we can make informed decisions about the best way to present your property to potential buyers. We'll help you through the process, answer questions, and find solutions to situations as they arise.

Understand the Broker/Owner partnership

Marketing your home is a partnership between you, the seller, and your broker — Pacific Pro Realty. Our job is to help you determine the best price, to market your property, and to attract potential buyers to view your home.

Your job is to maintain the property in the best light, and to make the home available for showing. As Pacific Pro Realty clients can attest, a good owner/broker partnership can achieve amazing results.

Price your home right

Properties that are priced right sell faster and for more money than properties that come on the market high and are later reduced.

The "right" price depends on a number of factors, including size, condition, location, and what's happening in the market. We'll provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), to show you the recent sale prices of comparable homes in your neighborhood. That's a place to start.

We'll also help you consider the costs of keeping the home. How much more will it cost you in utilities, insurance and mortgage payments if it sells in six months instead of three?

Understanding all these factors is the key to setting the right price for any home. We'll work with you to determine the best price to meet your goals.

Stage your home to show it at its best

First impressions are important, and they start at the curb. Homes that sell quickly and for the best prices are welcoming and neat on the outside, and simple and clean on the inside. The goal is to help buyers imagine the home as theirs: filled with their furniture with their family photos hanging on the wall. From there, it's a short step to falling in love with the property and making an offer.

Pacific Pro Realty brokers can offer specific suggestions to help show your home in the best possible light. They can help buyers see all the wonderful aspects of your property such as it’s hidden potential, historical significance, sweeping views, low maintenance or whatever aspect helps to set your home a step above the competition.

  • Clean up front, back, and sides of the yard. Walk around the house as though you're seeing it for the first time, looking in every corner. Get rid of clutter, weeds, and dead foliage.
  • Brighten up the front of the house: clean and repair fences, stairs, driveways and walkways. Add some seasonal color with plants.
  • De-clutter inside the house. Bring two or three packing boxes into each room, and fill them with anything that you don't immediately need. Put these away, along with any furniture that you can live without. These changes will make your home seem larger, eliminate visual distractions, and open up the home to the buyer's imagination. As an added bonus, some of your possessions will already be packed for your move.
  • Do the same with closets, garages, and storage spaces. Now is the perfect time to get rid of anything you don't want to move with you.
  • Clean! Make the house as spotless as it's ever been. Touch up dings and make repairs to visible flaws. Your broker may suggest that you paint some rooms or replace worn flooring.
  • Make sure that you have enough lighting in each room. Lamps are inexpensive, and can even be borrowed from friends or relatives. Yet when they brighten a dark corner or accent a pretty architectural feature, they can have an immense impact on a home's appeal.
  • While your house is on the market, each evening before you go to bed, or each morning before you go to work, spend fifteen minutes putting stray objects back where they belong, and doing quick little touch-ups to clean floors and counter tops. You'll be relaxed, not rushed, when your broker calls to show your home.

Accept and offer and close the sale

Once you get an offer, Pacific Pro Realty will be there to guide you through completion of the sale. We'll help you negotiate terms with the buyer, answer any questions, and make sure that all documents are properly prepared and complete.

Our job isn't finished until you're on your way to your next adventure — whether that's traveling the world, or moving to a new house right here in town.

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