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Tips for Buyers

5 steps to make a house your home

Your decision to purchase a home or investment property is the start of a new journey. To make the process as smooth as possible here are some steps you can take to be prepared and to be in a position to place the appropriate offer when the moment arises. At Pacific Pro Realty we are on this journey with you and are here to help!

Find a broker you like and trust

Your broker is your guide through the home-buying experience, so you’ll want to find one whose expertise you can count on. You can trust Pacific Pro Realty to listen to you. We'll understand your needs and your dreams for your new home.

We have unique insights into the realities of the market, and can lead you to hidden gems others might miss. Honest and low-key, our brokers genuinely care for people. And it shows.

Get pre-qualified by a lender

You’ll find the process goes more smoothly if you get pre-approval for a home loan before you begin looking. That way, when you’re ready to make an offer on the home you want, the seller will know you’re serious. And knowing the amount of the loan available to you means you’ll be able to focus your search more efficiently.

Make an offer and negotiate

What’s the best way to make an offer on the house you want?

  • Offer the asking price
  • Offer more than the asking price
  • Offer below the asking price

Truth is, the answer depends on many things. There’s no hard-and-fast rule. That’s where our expertise and tenacity come in handy. They give you the edge you need. We'll provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), but we'll do more. We'll use our experience to recommend the right offer strategy for you. The only timetable we're on is yours. We have the patience to see the negotiating process through, so you get the best possible deal.

Go into escrow

Once your offer has been accepted and terms of purchase negotiated, several important but complex tasks must be completed. These include:

  • inspection
  • appraisal
  • delivery of necessary documents to the lender

When these are done, your lender can give final approval on the loan for your new home. We know how to work through the twists, turns and tricky roadblocks that can pop up during escrow. Our knowledge of the process, creativity, and tenacity in "thinking outside the box" can often find solutions to seal the deal. That gets you into your new home with less stress and anxiety.

Close and receive the keys to your new home

When it’s time to close the sale, you’ll come to the escrow office to sign more papers than you can imagine. But it will be worth it. Because once it’s done, you’ll receive the keys to your new home.Your home will be waiting for you to move in and begin to build memories.

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