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Kendrick George

Real Estate Agent | 253-298-9484

Kendrick George has a long and proven history of care, insight, and knowledge. He has spent years helping clients plan, visualize, and realize their dream homes as the owner of a full-service construction and remodeling business. Having this deep knowledge and ability allows him to discover the right fit for your family. Kendrick has worked with countless satisfied clients. He takes care of their wants and needs and ensures satisfaction.

According to Kendrick, buying a home can be looked at in a couple different ways. These ways depend on your life goals and situation…

It can be a place you live for a couple years or stay forever, the place you raise your family, and where all your memories are held. Or, it might be a money-making tool you want to use short term through fix and flip or long term hold and rent. Thanks to Kendrick’s background as both a loving family man and savvy business owner, he is prepared to help in either situation.

“I believe real estate is incredible for many reasons. But the biggest reason is that it can be used to help you achieve your version of the American Dream,” says Kendrick. “I know that means different things to each person and family I work with.”

"I am an ideal agent to work with because I too have used real estate in different ways at various stages of my life to set me up for the success and abundance my family has enjoyed. I simply wish for others to have the same possibility when thinking about their future.” By using his strong work ethic, positive insight, and expansive knowledge of housing, Kendrick has spent years proving to people their dreams are possible.

"My wife and I have been blessed in our lives to give to others in various forms. After all my experiences involving giving, donating, and helping others, I have found the best thing you can give someone else is your time and focus. That is exactly what I plan to give to you as your real estate agent. There are many important and sometimes difficult decisions to make when buying a home. I am simply here to give you my energy, attention, and advice so you can do what is right for you and your family.”

As a renovator, Kendrick helped homeowners update their home with a purpose. Again, this embodies Kendrick’s ability to see a piece of real estate as a home, temporary house, or something in-between. Whatever you need for your family and situation, Kendrick will guide you to the home that will make your real-estate dreams come true.


It was a real pleasure to have Kendrick’s knowledge and expertise to help us in our recent home purchase. We came from out of state and had no connections in the community. Kendrick was delightful from the very first contact and was extremely helpful, supportive and understanding in every phase of our purchase.

Kendrick exceeded all expectations and was impressive in all stages of my purchase. He provided insight and advice during the intitial offer/counter offer process, and was amazingly prompt in providing the relevant paperwork during the buy. He was always accessable and made me feel as though I was the only client that he was dealing with.

Kendrick was very helpful throughout the whole home buying process. He is responsive, kind, patient and full of knowledge about the area. I can't say enough great things about him and the overall experience.