About Kasha Lackey, Agent

Kasha Klauser When you’re buying or selling a house, Kasha Lackey believes that you need someone who will give you their utmost attention and deliver results. That’s why she strives to provide that level of service for each and every client she represents. “My goal is to treat my clients exactly how I would want to be treated. Buying or selling a home is a big decision, whether it’s your first time or whether you’re a real estate veteran.”

Kasha graduated from a technical design program for Computer-Aided Drafting with a focus on architectural engineering. With her love for and interest in home design she can help you find or sell that beautiful gem or diamond in the rough.

She is a fourth-generation Astorian, and is now raising her own family in Clatsop County. Being a mother she excited to raise her kids in such an amazing area that is surrounded with beauty and backed by such a wonderful community of caring, hardworking people.

One of her favorite things about living on the Oregon Coast is that it allows her to fulfill her love for the outdoors. Whether she is going to the beach to dig clams, enjoying a gorgeous Oregon Coast sunset with her family, or taking a hike in the woods looking for wildlife she knows and enjoys all this area has to offer.

If you’re interested in Kasha being your guide on your home buying or selling adventure, please call her at
(503) 298-9484 or email her at Kashak04@gmail.com

Gearhart, Oregon. Photo by Carine LaPointe

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