About Brittany Olson, Agent

Kathy Whitsett Brittany Olson’s approach to working with her real-estate clients is like her personality: laid-back and friendly, yet professional. What she loves most about her job is helping others find a home, and giving them the joy of finding the perfect one.

Before entering real estate, Brittany worked in banking for nine years.  Her experience serving customers through problem solving and helping them grow financially was an excellent background for helping clients navigate the real estate market.  Brittany’s admiration for old houses and their history, enjoyment of different types of architecture and home styles, and excitement at the potential of a good fixer-upper all inspire her as she works with clients.

Brittany has been an Oregonian for more than 20 years. As soon as she moved to the area she fell in love with Astoria’s woods, beach, and river, and the beauty with which they surround her and her big family (five children!) every day.

Passions that include gardening, crafting and DIY projects, country design, and organization come in handy when she’s helping buyers to see how to make a prospective home their own, or helping sellers to make the most of their property.

As an agent, Brittany is both eager, always searching and researching for new ideas and opportunities, and attentive, staying in touch with her clients before, during, and after every sale and meeting.  She looks forward to bringing her professionalism and enthusiasm to your home search or sale.

To schedule a meeting with Brittany, contact her at Email Brittany, or by calling 503-440-8038.

Gearhart, Oregon. Photo by Carine LaPointe

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